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Welcome Blog

Hello and welcome to my blog!  I am very excited to connect with you here!  My intent is to share information, inspiration and solutions, all of which pertain to living a joyful life.  I will address topics that most women, like you and I, regularly face, such as sleep, nutrition, exercise, stress, work-life balance and saying “no”, to name a few.  Additionally, as I hear from you, my content will evolve.  Together, we will celebrate your new beginnings and transformations.  I can’t wait!

I started my life coaching business, A Joyful Life with Jennifer, to help professional women who are juggling too much find balance.  Too often we put ourselves last, are completely exhausted and often-times lose our identity along the way.  We are all capable of being truly happy with ourselves and our surroundings.  So why does that seem so far-fetched at times?  I have been there (a few times, as a matter of fact!) and know how you feel.  My journey hasn’t been an easy one but my experiences combined with my training as a life coach have provided me with all the tools necessary to be the best coach for women like you.

Did you know that when we live a life of joy we don’t just feel good but there are a variety of health benefits, too?  According to emerging research, living a life of joy promotes a healthy lifestyle, appears to boost the immune system, helps combat stress, may protect your heart, may lengthen your life expectancy and may help reduce pain.  Check out this article which elaborates on each of these desirable outcomes.  I love that the author also gives us six suggested and scientifically proven ways to become more joyful.  I will be blogging about each of them in a bit more detail in the near future, so stay tuned!

My vision is to help women who want to have it all, achieve their goals and be joyful in the process.  I am extremely excited to begin this new adventure and hope you will join me!




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