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Values (part 2)

This is a continuation of my blog, “Values (part 1)”.  If you haven’t had a chance to read it yet, please do so here before continuing on.


You may have discovered that identifying the things that are important to you isn’t very difficult, but pairing that list with the intent of identifying your core values, the three-ish values that identify who you are at your core, isn’t very easy at all.  That’s ok!  As I previously mentioned, it often takes time to really feel confident in the values you choose.  Sometimes the values that are YOUR guiding star aren’t the ones that you expected, and maybe even aren’t the ones that you have been influenced to believe should be.  That’s ok too!  I would also like to mention that the core values you choose are able to be changed. We are all growing human beings and change is natural and okay.  Maybe you picked four words that feel really good now, and in a few months you decide that one of them isn’t really who you are.  It doesn’t feel right.  Again, that’s ok!  This isn’t a black and white exercise where you lock yourself in forever.


Assuming you have identified and defined your core values, you may be wondering, “now what”?  Now, we begin to take those values off of the piece of paper you wrote them down on and put them into action.  You have the power, and get to choose how you live your life. You choose the decisions you make, the actions you take, the emotions you feel and the reactions you have.  YOU get to choose each one of those.  Let that sink in for a moment or two!  It’s exciting to think about, isn’t it? Sometimes, we get into routines, with work and life, and we forget that we each get the choice to decide what matters most and how we live our lives.


What I would like to invite you to do next is find some quiet time and write down your core values.  For each one, consider different ways that you can live AND feel those values each day.  The sky’s the limit here.  Write down whatever comes to mind.  All of it.  Think about how your day to day life could change if you began to incorporate some of, or all of, these things.  If you began to make the time for the things YOU value, versus the things that others believe you should value.  As you are faced with choices and decisions moving forward, maybe now you begin to consider your values.  Imagine how that might feel.


I have indirectly suggested that you journal a few times throughout this series.  Keeping a journal and writing down your thoughts, feelings and patterns you may notice and want to change, that’s where we are going next!  The best part is you get to write whatever you want to write. There are no rules about how to write, no need to worry about spelling or penmanship, Just write. Do you keep a journal?  If not, are you willing to give it a try?  If you are, I have created a special worksheet just for this exercise and have included it below.  Let me know if this is helpful for you.

Core Values Worksheet

Stay tuned for more in the topic of journaling in December.  Until then, keep massaging the different exercises focused on your core values that we have talked about this month.  Where are you struggling?  What questions do you have?  Share with me below or feel free to email me at

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