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The Power of Personal Mantras

If you are one of those people who hear the word ‘mantra’ and think “this is not for me”, then this probably IS for you. I know it makes some people uncomfortable to use a word that they do not know the meaning of, so let’s get that right out of the way. The word mantra has two generally accepted definitions: “a word or sound repeated to aid concentration in meditation, and a statement or slogan repeated frequently.” While the origin is found in Hinduism and Buddhism, the application -using mantras- is widely accepted and practiced today. Using a mantra doesn’t mean that you are doing any sort of religious practice. In fact, I personally consider using mantras as a form of positive self-talk.


One of the best ways to use a mantra is in meditation. If you, like many people, tend to have many tabs open in your brain at once, the idea of attempting to meditate by quieting the mind may make you squirm. Having a mantra, or a word or short phrase (think two to three words) that you can repeat, gives the mind something to anchor to when the to-do list starts scrolling. I often tend to make it a word or phrase that is focused on whatever I am trying to invite more of into my life, such as patience, gratitude or peace.


Another way to use a mantra is as a personal statement or slogan. Since we are ever-changing beings and our needs might change day to day, so may the mantras we choose to use. Think about your core values. Think about the kind of person that you want to be, and from there, you can create a set of mantras that support this version of yourself. Start with ensuring the core values are true to you. I recently wrote two blogs specific to core values.  Part 1 is linked above and you can read Part 2 here. After ensuring you are clear on your core values, you are now ready to identify a few mantras to be used as a personal statement or slogan. The words you choose should be motivating. They should feel good. Your mantra(s) should inspire you to be your best self. 


Let’s start 2021 off on a positive note. Together. Share one of your mantras below or in the comments, if you are reading this on social media. Your words may resonate with someone else. Not to mention, sharing it with the world is a powerful first step to affirming the way you want to live 2021 and your life!


Sending joy,


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