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Joyful Life Transition System

A one-on-one program that will completely transform your current reality

Within 12 weeks you will have transformed yourself into the person you have always wanted to be: a confident, fully energized and healthy woman, that takes care of herself in a smart and time-efficient way, a person who leads by example, and inspires others to become the best versions of themselves too. You will feel like the designer of your life, the leader of your thoughts and habits, and will surprise even yourself about how easy the process was!

As one of my clients has recently said “this system is simple and truly transformational, at every level”!

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In this 12 week program we will focus on the 3 most important pillars of living a Joyful Life, even through times of change:


We will explore your personal definition of joy and wholeness, we will bring to the surface who you are at your core, your unique gifts and characteristics, what might have been holding you back from creating a balanced life, internally and externally, and will analyze your Wheel of Life.


We will dive deeper into your sleep patterns, nutrition habits and exercise regimen. Together we will create a routine specific to your life that will be easy to follow but will also excite you.  You will get out of bed each morning feeling highly energized, happy and strong.


Nothing can be truly life changing if it is not rooted in our soul. Together we will create your personal manifestation guide, a magical soulful process that will be your foundation in becoming the best version of your authentic self.


The Joyful Transition Life System will include strategies that will help you:

  1. Define what success looks like – for you!
  2. Set SMART goals and achieve them within a set timeframe
  3. Identify and eliminate barriers and limitations that might be holding you back
  4. Create a sustainable strategic plan to build and maintain your balance and joy daily, even through challenges and setbacks
  5. Achieve the ideal goals for you in terms of energy, mindset, body, family, intimate relationship, spirituality and fun.


The tools we will use are inspired by and touch upon:

  • the 3 foundational pillars of a balanced, healthy and energised life
  • physical state (sleep, exercise)
  • yoga
  • meditation
  • breathing
  • self-awareness / self discovery / self worth
  • life-coaching
  • healthy eating
  • planning
  • stress-reduction practices
  • meal planning
  • Wellbeing and Leadership Dynamics
  • goal setting
  • energy management


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