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It has been quite a while since I’ve written a blog. Part of me wants to say it’s because I haven’t had the time. But I know good and well that I make time for things that are a priority to me. Unfortunately, writing has gotten pushed to the bottom of the to-do list the last few months, but I am also creating in other ways which has felt really good. I have been teaching quite a bit of yoga and using that as an opportunity to get really creative with both my sequences and music selections for each class. I have also been working on launching my virtual yoga studio (details coming in the next few days!). Lastly, I just finished working with an amazing group of women from my small group course, “The Women’s Wellness Blueprint”. I say that all to say that even though I haven’t been doing much writing, I have been creating in ways that have felt right for me now.


Unexpectedly, I read something yesterday which touched me deeply. The words, by author Yung Pueblo, were posted on his Instagram page here and are also below:

“They asked her,


‘How do you deal with heartbreak?’


She answered,


‘Be intentional with your time, use it to heal and use it to see your wholeness. Listen to your needs and truth, use boundaries to start fresh, let go of the tension you have been carrying, and fill yourself with the love you have always wanted. Heartbreak does not need to be a sad ending, let this be an era of remarkable growth.’ ”


yung pueblo I rebirth



Now I must admit that I have never met the author, however, I feel this in my soul. It is as if he is writing about me. Like I am providing the answer to the question of how I deal with (dealt with) heartbreak. These words are so real to me and have been on my mind almost non-stop since I read them. These words are an accurate description of a part of my life that was not as simple as this might suggest. Or was it?


The truth is that these three sentences sum up the last five to ten years of my life. FIVE TO TEN YEARS! I give that large range purposefully because my healing is still happening today. Intentionally each and every day I work on my healing. It started shortly after Eddie died in 2010 (I am not sure it’s fair to say the healing started the next day or even next week) and I believe is a process that will continue for the rest of my life. This “remarkable growth” is a process I am committed to because I deserve nothing less. Too often we hear or read about how important consistency is with things like diet and exercise (and I agree!) but not nearly enough on the topics of self-love, growth and healing. For me, it has been a long road with many twists and turns but by being consistent for years and years, I can proudly agree that “heartbreak does not need to be a sad ending”. For me it won’t be.


Although I do not know what the ending will look like, I am so excited to continue living, loving and growing with my wonderful husband Omari and my three children, Alexis, Eddie and Sophia by my side. Here’s to staying consistent for the next five to ten years.


Sending joy,


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