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What if I told you your life can be truly joyful and whole – no matter your circumstances?

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Jennifer Ballou

I’m Jen, and if you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by change, you’re in the right place.

Imagine you’re running late with a cup of coffee you’ve already reheated two times, and you’re not sure the last time you actually peed with the bathroom door closed. You look at the growing pile of laundry and the to-do list you promised yourself you’d get to today. Surely you’d have a system figured out by now. You’re grappling with loss or the feeling that you don’t even know who you are any more. Where do you find joy in the midst of all this?

Slow down and take a few deep breaths. There is joy even here.

When my own life was shattered by unimaginable loss, I learned that new chapters can be challenging to navigate. However, as I began my path to healing, I also discovered my greatest mission in life: to help others on their journey to joy and wholeness.

But how could this introverted, 90’s hip-hop, donut lovin’ woman help others?

I drew on my experience with loss, my military career, and my passion for wellness, and I became a Certified Professional Life Coach and a registered yoga teacher. I began offering tools and resources to help women connect and have the courage to fill their cups with the things that make them resilient.

These experiences prepared me to create A Joyful Life with Jennifer, where you come as you are and learn ways to ground yourself in your values and live in alignment. As a soulful, slow flow yoga enthusiast, I have developed opportunities for you to join in on a group course, one-on-one coaching, or virtual yoga classes.

There’s no one way to live YOUR best life, so my offer to you is this:

Come discover what it means to be whole in the midst of change. Let’s partner together to uncover your values and create your plan for a whole, joyful life.

Are you ready to start your next chapter?


“I can truthfully say that Jennifer has been one of my life’s most inspiring influencers, my motivation and guide to help me create a happier reality for myself and my family, within just a few weeks. Through her kind, calm and joyful personality and through the way she has built up her life after her tragic loss, she has become my role model for what a strong and empowered woman can achieve. Her humble character, open to sharing and guiding from her heart, would never give away the extraordinary things she has also achieved in her career. She is a true leader, at every level.”

Maria F.
Joyful Life Transition Program Client

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