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Helping women Veterans & military spouses navigate life transitions while living a whole and joyful life.

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Welcome to a community of women who dare to courageously pursue a life of wellness and joy!

Here at A Joyful Life with Jennifer, we know two things to be true:

1. Change is the only thing that we can be sure of in our lives.

2. Identifying your core values can help you live with abundant joy and purpose.


That is why I believe it’s important to openly share my values with you:

1. Family – These are the people I love (and who love me) unconditionally. They’re the ones I want to spend time with daily and who I can be myself around no matter the circumstances.

2. Wellness – A lifelong process of consistently exploring and practicing habits to support my mind, body and soul.

3. Courage – Finding it within myself to take steps into the uncomfortable, especially when no one is rooting for, pushing, or watching me.

4. Connection – The exchange of positive energy between people that has the ability to inspire change, deepen relationships, and create lasting impressions.

These values influence every part of my life, and I have developed my practice of resilience around acknowledging and holding true to them.

Ready to do the work and unlock your most joyful, whole self? You’re invited to join a group of women dedicated to discovering who they are meant to be in the midst of life’s transitioning moments.


Resilience in Action: The Inspiring Life Story of Jennifer Ballou

The story that led Jennifer to become a Life Coach, Speaker and Registered Yoga Teacher, ultimately creating, her business, A Joyful Life With Jennifer.


Through  my signature Joyful Life Transition System I guide you through a 5-step process that quickly and sustainably helps you create the whole and joyful life that you have always desired, despite what is going on in the outside world.

The System is built on my 3 foundational pillars of a whole, healthy and energized life: the Mind, the Body and the Soul. Ιt combines expert knowledge through education and certifications, with tools from my own life experiences.

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About Jennifer

While serving as a highly recognized leader in the US Army and after experiencing a tragic loss that forever changed her life, today Jennifer runs a successful and soulful coaching business, honoring her calling to help other women Veterans and military spouses. She is a Certified Professional Coach, Registered Yoga teacher and BIRTHFIT Leader/Coach.

Jennifer is a wife and mother of 3 children who, after various personal highs and lows, discovered her greatest mission in life: to help other women veterans and military spouses lead truly joyful and whole lives.


My mission is to help women navigate change, while experiencing joy and happiness.

Book Jennifer to learn about resilience practices that create a path to joyful living.


My mission is to offer effective and transformative coaching services and tools which empower women to achieve their true personal and professional goals, increase their happiness and consequently change their lives.


"I am a woman veteran who has long battled with depression & anxiety. Never truly one with myself & all that I am, that I offer & that I should celebrate/take joy in. After serving 7 years in the Army, I found myself lost, stuck if you will. As if the world was my oyster yet I still didn’t know what I wanted to be when I grow up. I was a recipient of a scholarship for women veteran’s to receive four life coaching sessions with Jen. Let me start by saying, four was such a sweet glimpse into the services she offers but I completely understand why 12 weeks is how her coaching is set up. Jen is a well rounded, straight forward, and compassionate soul. Her life experiences inspired me from the moment I met her. In just four short weeks, I had come into just a glimpse of my power within. With her honest & open heart, intent listening, and guidance, I began to see/learn where I was holding myself back. I began to see/learn life long tools and methods to meet myself where I am. Jennifer helped me to come to a place where I could carry forth & meet myself where I was, day in and day out."

Emily Blakesley, US Army Veteran

"I met Jen through our 200-hour yoga teacher training last year. When she walked into the room, I knew there was something special about her. Every time she spoke it was so raw, true and meaningful. I had the pleasure of graduating with her and then being a part of the same yoga family where we both currently teach. About 14 weeks ago I was going through a rough time. Being a military Spouse not knowing where to go with my own career and life, it took a toll on me physically and mentally. I knew Jen was an amazing physical trainer and was knowledgeable about eating habits. I assumed that was my biggest problem. That if I got “thinner” I’d be happier. So, I sat with Jen one day after a yoga class and set up my free 30 minute one on one with her. Those 30 minutes were inspiring I signed up that night for 12 weeks. I learned so much about myself in that time. That eating was not what I needed to work on, it was my mental and physical journey first. Jen pushed me in a positive way, encouraged me, and genuinely cared about my success with our plan. On our last meeting I decided I wasn’t done with our work and signed up for another 4 weeks with Jen. So far this has been one of the best decisions I have made in my life. I appreciate all that Jen has to offer and am lucky enough to have her in my life as a friend and a life coach."

Marygrace Casanova-Lamarque, Military Spouse

"I scream her name from the rooftops because doing it from space just isn’t possible. I sought her services shortly after Covid began because I felt myself drowning in balancing being a military spouse, a now virtual learning teacher and keeping my head above water as a mother and friend. After years of putting my own health and happiness on the back burner so that my family could succeed, I realized that giving of myself from an empty cup was preventing my family and my own dreams from coming to fruition. My husband and my closest friends have noticed a HUGE difference in me. Even my doctors have noticed that am able to tackle some of my mental health issues on my own. All around, I feel so much more prepared to confront issues past, present and future and have a much more positive outlook on my life. Thank you so much Coach Jen for giving me the tools to begin living a more joyful life. If you are on the fence about having her as your life coach, I promise you, the wisdom she shares is priceless and your spirit will thank you for it."

Elsie Portes-Barnes, Military Spouse

"Working with Jen was exactly the push I needed in my life right now. Jen helped me identify strengths and weaknesses and how to best leverage them to my advantage. It’s refreshing to talk to someone who understands life in and out of the military and who can help me see beyond life’s everyday obstacles to reach my goals. I am grateful for the opportunity to have worked with her during this transition in my life."

Lizet Donaldson, US Army Captain


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