Jennifer Loredo


The only constant in life is change. And the way you view change has a direct effect on your overall happiness.

What they are saying about Jennifer

Rebecca Sinclair

When I think of what I want in a life coach, I want someone who is an excellent listener, problem solver, coach and mentor. Jennifer instantly comes to mind as she embodies all of these qualities. Her life experiences have helped shape who she is today. Through the tragedy of her husband’s death in 2010, Jennifer truly learned to be resilient. She juggled being a single mom of two, working a full-time job, and practiced self-care at the same time all while prioritizing health for the whole family. She has used that experience to help fuel her passion and work as a life coach. Jennifer knows that above all else, relationships and people matter the most and will work hard to help you reach your full potential. Jennifer’s passion and care truly makes you feel like you’re important. She is encouraging and her time in the Army gives her a unique ability to set goals and make a plan of action and achieve it. Jennifer is my top choice as a life coach as she’ll help you realize your true potential and strive to be the best version of you possible.

Rebecca Eggers Gallegos

If you are looking for a coach to help you change your life, Jennifer is the one! She possesses a unique ability to motivate and guide other people and to teach them how to find strength from within. Her experience as a military member and her ability to overcome adversity provide a perspective that is hard to find and has kept her both humble and gracious. She is my #1 choice as a coach as I know that her persistence will keep me on track but her calm demeanor and personality keep me from becoming overwhelmed. Grace under fire. Jennifer has what it takes to help make others manage their lives.

Erica Chard

President and Founder Whole You Health and Fitness, LLC

When I think of a person capable of coaching others through life, Jen is, hands down, one of the first people who comes to mind for me. She brings to the table a wealth of knowledge and experience that has positioned her well to assist others as they work toward achieving their own life goals in the face of life's challenges. As an employee of mine, Jen exhibited a number of traits that helped our customers to thrive and become the best versions of themselves. She’s a true leader, who is engaging, empathetic, and warm, while also being professional and demonstrating she’s capable of bringing a positive outcome to all customer experiences. Jen is always organized and prepared, which equips her well for overcoming any barriers to her goals, and she draws upon these qualities to help others do the same. Jen is also a planner and a true sounding board, and she possesses a never-ending drive to help others grow. And it can’t go without saying that Jen is one of the most inspirational women I know, having accomplished so much over the years, in spite of facing countless challenges along the way. Jen truly is the ideal candidate to help others navigate the waters of life. If you’re seeking a Life Coach, I highly recommend working with Jen. Her results in her own life, coupled with those she’s helped others to achieve, speak volumes about her capacity to help her clients reach their goals while managing life’s undulating challenges and priorities. Jen is a true gem and will change your life as she has for so many others over the years!

Christie Greene

Jennifer has been a huge gift in my life. She has been my coach for a little over 2 months and has helped me set and achieve my goals. Her easy going personality makes it easy to talk to her and her expertise and suggestions has helped motivate me. I am thankful she was brought into my life and I know anyone that chooses her as a coach will be happy with her services. Super satisfied client!

Donna Hill Howes, RN, MS

Jennifer is an amazing coach! She tailors unique programs for each and every client according to their highly specific goals and needs. In working closely with Jennifer on several important goals, I witnessed first-hand Jennifer’s drive, passion, strong leadership and ability to formulate a pathway forward among a very diverse set of individuals. I was impressed with Jennifer’s effective strategies in building alignment with all program goals, beginner to advanced. She doesn’t back away from “hard” but finds a way to bring her clients to victory with creativity and persistence. Jennifer has a strong work ethic and employs the utmost degree of professionalism in all of her work. The value Jennifer brings to her work with each client is her laser-focused approach to each client’s unique pathway. I respect Jennifer for her integrity, respect and passion she embodies in every situation. Her positive energy is contagious and she inspires folks of every age group. Everyone wins with Jen as their coach.

Pamela Brownback

Jen is a wonderful coach. She takes the time to listen and cares about me as a person, not as a "client." She has my best interests at heart. She responds quickly to my questions, and everything we do is about reaching MY goals. I am really excited to have her on this journey with me.

Karen Reivich, PhD

Jennifer is the kind of coach that I find most effective. She pushes me without being pushy. She asks questions that challenge me and listens with compassion to my answers. Jen provides real-world strategies that fit with my lifestyle and personality style. She’s helped me develop an exercise and nutrition routine that meets my goals and works with my schedule. And, when it wasn’t working with my travel schedule, she helped me identify ways to tweak what I was doing so that I would continue my progress while on the road. Most important, Jennifer is authentic, warm, upbeat and creates an environment in which I feel comfortable being open – when I make progress and when I don’t!