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Resilience Practices that Create a Path to Joyful Living

In today’s climate of constant change, it’s easy to fall prey to uncertainty and fear, which is why it is more important than ever to have a toolbox of strategies for how to be more resilient and joyful in the face of change, no matter how challenging. Twenty-one-year army veteran and Resilience Training Expert Jennifer Ballou is a true practitioner of resilience and joy. From overcoming trauma herself, to being hand picked to help stand up the Resilience Program for Fort Fort Bragg, NC – one of the largest installations in the Army –  Jennifer has a treasure trove of practical lessons to share that will help you not only get through change, but actually welcome it as an opportunity to create more joy in your life.

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Engage the Power of Resilient Thinking to Live Your Most Joyful Life

How resilient are you in the face of change? Even if you feel you have a healthy amount of grit and determination, when it comes to overcoming adversity, chances are you could learn more ways to be resilient that would lead you to a more fulfilled and joyful life. Jennifer Ballou is a 21-year veteran, who was a highly recognized leader in the US Army when she experienced a tragic loss that forever changed her life. At the time, she considered herself a pretty resilient person, but when she was asked to help stand up one of the largest Resilience Programs for the US Army, she discovered more strategies for practicing and building resilience that truly opened a door to more joy in her life. Jennifer eventually served as the Senior Enlisted Advisor at the Pentagon for the Army’s Resilience Program. All of her experience has led her to today, where she draws from her thousands of hours of resilience training that she gave to Army Leaders, Soldiers, and Families and now is sharing with clients around the world. Key Takeaways from her talk include:


  • The Power of Community – the underlying reasons why we don’t open ourselves up to our support system fast enough and why it matters.
  • Hunt the Good Stuff – strategies for making this focus on seeking the positive a daily practice even in the most challenging times.
  • Numbing the Bad, Numbs the Good – too many people are walking through life feeling numb to their pain and believing that’s ok. But when you numb the bad, you also numb the good.
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Raw, personal, soul-tugging messages that are relevant and timeless. I have had the incredible fortune of working with Jennifer and hearing her speak on multiple occasions. She has the unique ability to share stories and principles with passion and candor. Jennifer is authentically Jennifer, a remarkable leader living one heck of a life. Spending time with this gem is an invitation to embark upon a wonderful journey of love, pain, triumph, learning, and self-reflection.

Chris David

Senior Manager, Accenture
"The Whole Package!" Jennifer is one of the most professional, inspirational, resilient, and motivated people I know. It is one thing to be a motivational speaker, but Jennifer is also an inspirational speaker, delivering a powerful and passionate message while sharing her personal story and experiences.

Ken Riddle

Director, US Department of Transportation
I’ve been lucky enough to hear Jennifer share her insights, stories, and wisdom; not just once but on many occasions. Every time I listen to her speak, I’m uplifted and feel empowered to be the best version of myself. And that’s because Jennifer is such a powerful speaker – both in what she says and how she says it. She speaks from the heart and through her life stories, she helps the audience connect to their own strength and resilience. Jennifer is one of the rare speakers who is willing to be totally real with the audience and that makes her message stay with you long after her talk ends!

Karen Reivich, PhD

Director of Resilience and Positive Psychology Training Programs
Jennifer Ballou has a story to tell. It is compelling, it is personal and it is real. I truly believe her story of great tragedy and personal loss, recovery and ultimately triumph over almost impossible odds is one that we can all learn from and grow. I highly encourage you to invite her to come speak to your organization. You will leave inspired!

Raymond Chandler

14th Sergeant Major of the Army (retired)
MSG (ret) Jennifer Ballou’s personal story of hope and healing gave our entire team great insights into some of the challenges of the veterans, family members, caregivers, and survivors we serve. Her journey in overcoming adversity left our team inspired to continue our service to veterans, while giving us the tools needed to strengthen our personal resilience. Jennifer and her family are models for all to emulate.

Mike Linnington

CEO, Wounded Warrior Project