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5 Questions To Consider When Looking For a Life Coach


Working with a life coach is an investment in oneself. Life coaches work with people who have a desire to make a change in their life and are focused on achieving success and results. Coaches are non-judgmental, superb listeners and creative thinkers, all of which help build confidence and trust within this confidential relationship. Coaches help develop the best in their clients by using a powerful process which connects their inner purpose and passion to their outer goals and strategies. Coaches also use, and teach, applicable skills that the client can exercise in order to reach their desired outcomes.


Sooooo all that being said, what should you consider when looking for a life coach?


What do you need help with?


Most coaches possess the skills and knowledge to help just about anyone with general life challenges or goals they may have.  However, when looking for a coach, it will be helpful for you to be specific and clear about your goals.  Do you need help starting a business?  Or maybe you need coaching around improving your health?  Are you looking for more happiness in your life?  Finding a coach who specializes in the area(s) you want to work on is a step in the right direction to finding the best coach for you.  Potentially even more important, is to consider the coach’s life experience and expertise to help get you in the best mindset which can ultimately transform your life for the best.


What type of training or certification did the coach receive?


Unfortunately, anyone can refer to themselves as a coach.  The United States does not have a governing body overseeing the life coaching industry.  That being said, there are some things that you can look for to ensure a coach is credible.  A client should inquire about the training program the coach completed and, at minimum, research the organization’s website.  For example, I am a student of iPEC (Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching), which is a comprehensive, accredited coach training program.  Click here to learn more about iPEC, but also know that there are many other quality coaching programs out there.


What makes the coach an expert in their field?


Many people, coaches included, label themselves as an “expert”.  Don’t be afraid to ask what makes a coach an authority in their field.  A true expert has specific education, work experience and/or tremendous personal experience in the area they are advertising their services in.


Are you open to change?


The role of a life coach is not to be your personal cheerleader or even your best friend.  A professional coach is focused on you and your goals while encouraging growth and helping you discover your best self.  A coach does not tell you what to do, but rather helps you explore and come up with options and solutions based on your life vision.  A coach can keep you accountable and honest but ultimately it is up to you want to change.


Does the coach offer a free consultation?


Most professional coaches offer a free consultation.  This initial meeting, which can be done in person, via video call or telephone, can be beneficial to the client for several reasons.  First, it allows you the time to learn everything you can about the coach and how they work.  The initial session also gives you the opportunity to experience how you feel when communicating with the coach and how they respond to you.  The coach should also share with you what criteria they look for in a client.  Professional and successful coaches do not work with just anyone.  Just as you should have certain criteria for a coach, a coach should have criteria for their clients, as well.  The coach should be able to answer any questions you may have about them, the methods and tools they utilize when coaching, the frequency of your coaching sessions, what is or isn’t included in the package you are interested in and what sort of progress you can expect to see while working together.


The bottom line is that finding the right life coach can, and should, take some time and effort.  The good news is that once you find them, they can help you achieve your biggest goals and dreams!


If you are interested in learning more about me, click here and if you want to schedule a complimentary discovery session with me, please click here and send me a message.


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